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Course Abstract

This course deals with an introductory subject regarding energy science and engineering for graduate students with a variety of academic backgrounds. The first part covers the basic principles for energy science, extending them to engineering.
The energy conversion important to solve environment issues will be covered in the second part of this lecture.

Course Schedule

1 Week Introduction of the basic concepts for Energy Science
2 Week The governing principles for energy to other systems
3 Week The basic principles to store energy carriers
4 Week How to maximize the energy storage capacity at various conditions ?
5 Week Principles to harvest energy from energy carriers
6 Week Possible issues to environment after harvesting energy
7 Week How to overcome possible issues after harvesting energy
8 Week How should we re-utilize the energy-related by-products?
9 Week Mid-Term Exam
10 Week Advanced hydrogen storage technology
11 Week Advanced lithium storage and supercapacitors
12 Week Advanced carbon dioxide storage
13 Week Advanced water splitting technology
14 Week Advanced carbon dioxide conversion
15 Week Special questions and answer sessions
16 Week Final Exam