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Energy Storage

The purpose is the development of high efficiency energy storage material core technologies based on the low dimensional nanostrutures via realization of novel nano-processes and elucidation of the storage mechanism using the quantum mechanic simulation, including
Assessment of storage capacity and investigation of storage mechanism of hydrogen and lithium on nanostructures.
Acquisition of core technologies to functionalize nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube/graphene structures, including
     - Size control technology of nanopores on the surfaces of nanostructures.
     - Controlled synthesis technology required to enable storage of lithium and hydrogen.

Energy Conversion

We are interested to combine various concepts in order to emerge low-cost and more applicable solar cell devices. Started by incorporating Carbon Nanotube (CNT) into Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) structures, we fabricated TiO2 photoelectrodes incorporated with Quantum Dots (QDs) and Metal Dots in DSSC to introduce light scattering from plasmonic structure, broadband energy transfer and two-photon absorption (TPA) with different configuration; a) Fermi-level shifting using N(sp2 ) CNT agents incorporation in DSSC, b) Broadband energy transfer using QDs in DSSC, c) Synergistic plasmonic effect using metal dots in DSSC, d) Light harvesting antenna using natural extract graminoids coupled with plasmonic metal nanoparticles for bio-photovoltaic cells.
Fabrication and computational simulation are both concurrently being used to cross-check and analyze the data. We also try to tackle the instability issue in liquid based electrolyte by manipulating RTIL (room-temperature ionic liquid) properties with CNT. Low temperature fabrication is also on progress in our group by dealing with chemical compounds and physical treatment method.
Eventually, We are also interested in expanding our research area into efficient and solution processible solar cell with long term stability by introducing various concepts on emerging types of photovoltaic including solid state DSSC (ssDSSC) and perovskite solar cells.