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Gas Adsorption

Hydrogen is one of promising candidates for sustainable energy due to its large chemical energy per mass. Research for hydrogen storage materials to satisfy the DOE(Department of Energy) target is important for green energy in the future. In order to get high hydrogen storage ability, we have been researching for micro-porous materials including MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks), COFs (Covelent Organic Frameworks), and ZIFs (Zeolitic Imidazole Frameworks ),and meso-porous materials such as CNS (Carbon Nitride Sphere) and CNNTs (Carbon Nitride Nanotubes).

On the other hand, the selective adsorption of carbon dioxide from gas mixtures is also an important issue in many technical applications, and there is a great interest recently due to concerns over greenhouse gas emissions. Various organic framework network nanostructures with suitable pores have emerged as new innovative materials to capture CO2. So we also researching for porous materials with specific physical characteristics and chemical functionalities for CO2 storage.